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    Phone Numbers and Email Addresses

    USD 272

    LAKESIDE ELEMENTARY                785-781-4911                Fax 785-781-4861
    LAKESIDE JR/SR HIGH -                  785-454-3332                Fax 785-454-3747
    TIPTON COMMUNITY SCHOOL       785-373-5355                Fax 785-373-5355
     DISTRICT OFFICE -                          785-781-4328                Fax 785-781-4318

    District Office

    708 Locust St.

    P.O. Box 326
    Cawker City, KS  67430
    Phone 785-781-4328
    Fax 785-781-4318

    Jesse Janssen, Superintendent -- jesse.janssen@usd272.org
    Sandy Hake, Board Clerk -- sandy.hake@usd272.org
    Debbie Taylor, Treasurer -- deb.taylor@usd272.org
    Charlene Beougher, School Nurse -- charlene.beougher@usd272.org
    Amanda McGuire, Parents as Teachers -- amanda.mcguire@usd272.org
    Jessica Reinert, Social Worker -- jessica.reinert@usd272.org


    Lakeside Elementary School
    913 7th St., P.O. Box 46
    Cawker City, KS  67430
    PHONE 785-781-4911
    FAX 785-781-4861
    Kayla Hamilton, Principal -- kayla.hamilton@usd272.org
    Linda Deneke, Secretary -- linda.deneke@usd272.org
    Kathy Slipke, Secretary -- kathy.slipke@usd272.org
    Darci Seehafer, 3 yr Preschool - darci.seehafer@usd272.org
    Christina Gradig, Preschool - christina.gradig@usd272.org
    Kelli Hennes, Kindergarten -- kelli.hennes@usd272.org
    Ashley Harris, 1st Grade -- ashley.harris@usd272.org
    Cindy Clausen, 2nd Grade - cindy.clausen@usd272.org
    Karolee Wiles, 3rd Grade - karolee.wiles@usd272.org
    Barbara Palen, 4th Grade - barbara.palen@usd272.org
    Lynn Wacker, 5th Grade - lynn.wacker@usd272.org
    Alayna Lampkin, Title I Coordinator - alayna.lampkin@usd272.org
    Scott Jermark, P.E. - scott.jermark@usd272.org
    Silvia Wohlbrandt, Spanish - silvia.wohlbrandt@usd272.org
    Landon Lampkin - Vocal music - landon.lampkin@usd272.org
    Katrina Long, Band -- katrina.long@usd272.org
    Stacy DeBey, Title I Para- stacy.debey@usd272.org
    Julie Schmitt, Title I Para - julie.schmitt@usd272.org
    Judy Gasper, Reading coach-- judy.gasper@usd272.org
    Anna Schoen, Special Education (Speech Pathologist) -- anna.schoen@usd272.org
    Stephanie Draayer, Special Education -- stephanie.draayer@usd272.org
    Penny Sumpter, Cook - penny.sumpter@usd272.org
    Ann Ludwing, Cook - ann.ludwig@usd272.org
    Marj Vowinckel, Custodian
    Carla Carl, Custodian


    Lakeside Jr/Sr High School
    1306 Morgan Ave.
    Downs, KS  67437
    PHONE 785-454-3332 
    FAX  785-454-3747
    Jeremy Long, Dean of Students - jeremy.long@usd272.org
    Connie Hardy, Secretary -- connie.hardy@usd272.org
    Rhonda Farwell, Jr. High Math, Science-- rhonda.farwell@usd272.org
    Judy Gasper, Language Arts/Reading -- judy.gasper@usd272.org
    Linda Groenendyk, Jr. High FACS, Soc Studies-- linda.groenendyk@usd272.org
    Landon Lampkin - Vocal Music - landon.lampkin@usd272.org
    Cory Beougher, Social Studies, AD -- cory.beougher@usd272.org
    John Hutson, Vocational Agriculture -- john.hutson@usd272.org
    Drew Duskie, Math -- drew.duskie@usd272.org
    Katie Hendrix-Long, Art -- katie.long@usd272.org
    Cassi Walsh,FACS - cassi.walsh@usd272.org
    Caleb Howland, Science - caleb.howland@usd272.org
    Loren Nisly, Business - loren.nisly@usd272.org
    Silvia Wohlbrandt, Spanish - silvia.wohlbrandt@usd272.org
    Ginna Sharp, K-12 Counselor -- ginna.sharp@usd272.org
    Joanna Rhodes, Cook - joanna.rhodes@usd272.org
    Dianna Meyer, Cook - dianna.meyer@usd272.org
    Janet Parker, Custodian
    Tipton Community School
    208 State Street
    P.O. Box 154
    Tipton, KS  67485
    PHONE 785-373-5355
    Gery Hake, Principal -- glhake@wilsoncom.us
    Joya Schroeder, Secretary -- christian@wtciweb.com
    Julie Towner, Kindergarten-- kstowner@yahoo.co
    Stacie Hake, 1st and 2nd - stacehake_tcs@yahoo.com
    Jenny Brummer, 3rd and 4th - tcsjenny@wtciweb.com
    Crissy Greif - 5th and 6th -christinegreif89@gmail.com
    Gery Hake - 7th and 8th - glhake@wilsoncom.us
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  • Community Information

        Our communities are made up of friendly, hardworking people that represent the

    backbone of Kansas and America. We are bonded by our farming heritage, small town

    life and the wonders of nature that surround us. Waconda school district is located in

    the heart of the Solomon Valley with the beautiful shores of Waconda Lake as the

    centerpiece. Glen Elder State Park offers nearly unlimited recreational opportunities

    including camping, boating, hunting and fishing. We offer three 9-hole golf courses and

    numerous city parks with swimming pools, rock climbing, zip lining, tennis courts, ball

    fields and more.

        While bound together by their ties to the land, each community is also unique.

    Glen Elder, bordering the 12,586 water acres of Waconda Lake and the 13,000 land

    acres of the Glen Elder Wildlife Area, capitalizes on the recreational aspects of the area

    with a sporting goods store, marina, and boat dealership.

    Cawker City, home of the World's Largest Ball of Twine, has more to offer than a

    brief mention in several movies and a statistic in the Guinness Book of World Records.

    The area provides some of the finest hunting, fishing, camping and boating in the state

    as well as a pristine 9-hole golf course located directly alongside the lake. A

    photography studio and an antique store are two recent additions to Cawker City's

    business area.

        Tipton might be a small community (only 120 residents) but it is mighty. Home to

    one of the premier hunting lodges in the country (Ringneck Ranch), Tipton also has

    other large hunting operations and outfitters as well as one of the largest Gameland

    Farms and Hatcheries in the nation. An old-fashioned grocery store which still grinds

    sausage seasoned to a secret family recipe, a screen printing business, a carpet and

    floor covering store, lumber yard, hardware store and a heritage seals shop add up to a

    diverse mix of businesses.

        Downs, the final and largest of the four communities that comprise USD 272, is the

    Storytelling Capital of Kansas and hosts the Kansas State Storytelling Festival every

    April. It is a vibrant and friendly community with many business interests but also a

    thriving Arts Council. Main Street is home to many businesses that larger communities

    could only wish for. A pharmacy, furniture store, bridal shop, clothing and shoe shop,

    hardware store, barber shop, grocery store and florist entice people to shop at home.

    Several businesses along highway 24, a car dealership, auto parts store, several gas

    stations/quick shops, sporting supplies, mechanics shops, and a bowling alley, also

    attract people to Downs. Whether coming to the local medical clinic, dentist office,

    visiting the library (one of the few remaining original Carnegie Libraries left in the

    country), or stopping to peruse local history at the beautifully restored Train Depot, there

    is something for everyone in Downs.

        These communities have their roots in agriculture and farm-based businesses

    are common. Each community boasts its own Grain Elevator, rising high above the

    surrounding countryside, However, there are also several construction firms, welding

    businesses, manufacturing firms, and a national advertising company. When we add in

    people who work from home in electronics, those who have their own businesses in

    numerous artistic areas, those in nursing at the local senior care facility as well as the

    normal service areas, it is easy to see what a diverse population we represent. Quality

    education is key to all of those areas. Our schools have a history of prestigious awards

    such as named a Blue Ribbon School as well as numerous Governor's Awards. We

    intend to continue this legacy. Most of our staff is vested in our communities and want

    our students to excel. We want our young people to succeed wherever they are but

    encourage them to "bloom where they are planted." This attitude has fueled a

    resurgence of millennials staying in or returning to this area. In the succeeding years,

    our schools must continue to help our children dream big and give them the education

    to enable them to make those dreams a reality.

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